what we do and why it's important

We have had the privilege of guiding generations of clients, applying a consultative approach to managing the many complexities that accompany wealth. You’ve spent a lifetime building a legacy. Let us be your partner in making the most of your wealth. 


Portfolio management

We construct a portfolio unique to your individual needs, rather than mold your needs to a pre-formed package. Our ongoing portfolio management takes into account your specific cash flows needs and taxation issues.  Having a personalized investment strategy that is aligned with the amount of risk YOU want to take is important.  After all, the best portfolio is the one you can stick with through both good and bad times.  We never invest our clients’ money based on a “hunch” or by trying to find the “next hot stock,” but rather by following an evidence-based investment approach that has been subjected to decades of academic rigor.  Because there is no evidence available today suggesting anyone can consistently and reliably time markets, sectors or countries, we manage our clients’ portfolios by employing a low-cost, broadly diversified approach.  Whether the bulk of your assets are in a 401(k), IRA, Trust or other investment account, we manage your entire portfolio so you have the time to focus on what's most important to you.

financial planning

At Aspen Capital Management, financial planning begins and ends with honest, meaningful conversations.  Our robust planning approach helps you develop confidence and conviction that you won’t outlive your money, and that you’re able to sustain the standard of living you’ve grown accustomed to. We'll help guide you through the myriad of financial decisions that support your most important life decisions.  Those often include:

  • Analyzing your social security benefits and developing a strategy to maximize your lifetime benefits
  • Developing a tax-efficient strategy for education funding of future generations
  • Implementing a tax efficient estate planning strategy for passing wealth to future generations
  • Understanding the role both life and long term care insurance play in the context of your overall financial plan - while we don't sell insurance, we will help you understand what is prudent and what is unnecessary
  • Developing a charitable giving strategy that maximize your tax benefits and philanthropic desires


behavioral & emotional coaching

Maintaining financial discipline through both good and bad markets is challenging, and by bringing data and a historical perspective to the table, we help educate our clients why having a long term, disciplined investment approach is paramount.  The constant drone of modern media outlets and 24-hour news cycles can be overwhelming, which is why we place an emphasis on what is real and controllable.  

Client profile

While many clients say they “couldn’t do this on their own”, the common denominator is that they choose not to – for a variety of good reasons.

Aspen Capital Management is privileged to work with some great people as clients!  People who are successful, goal-oriented, ask good questions and value working with an experienced advisory firm that can truly contribute to their quality of life. Most are busy people who are looking for a relationship where they trust they will receive unbiased advice that is solely in their best interest and not tied to their advisor's compensation.  They are looking for comprehensive advice on both financial planning and investment management matters.  Advice that looks at all their assets, regardless of account type or location.  

Our services typically provide the greatest benefit to clients with investment assets of $500,000 or more.