Our Value Add To You

As a leader within your not-for-profit organization, you need to meet your investment goals and ensure your organization's financial situation is sustainable for many years to come. We work with boards to develop a low-cost, customized approach to building and managing your investments to help you meet these expectations.

We adhere to a disciplined and structured portfolio management process. While diversification and asset allocation are keys to our philosophy, we work closely with your organization to establish a portfolio allocation appropriate for your long-term objectives and distribution needs.




We construct a portfolio unique to your needs, rather than mold your needs to a pre-formed package. Our ongoing portfolio management takes into account your specific cash flow and distribution needs. We never invest our clients’ money based on a “hunch” or by trying to find the “next hot stock,” but rather by following an evidence-based investment approach that has been subjected to decades of academic rigor.  Because there is no evidence available today suggesting anyone can consistently and reliably time markets, sectors or countries, we manage our clients’ portfolios by employing a low-cost, broadly diversified approach.  


We have experience leading boards in both the development of their initial investment policy statement and/or updating out-of-date investment policy statements. 

We also have experience working with boards to determine prudent distribution policies. Markets can be volatile, and we bring industry best practices to help smooth distributions over time. 




Maintaining financial discipline through both good and bad markets is challenging, and by bringing data and a historical perspective to the board, we help educate board members why having a long term, disciplined investment approach is paramount.  The constant drone of modern media outlets and 24-hour news cycles can be overwhelming to many. Our role is to guide the board in maintaining a consistent focus on the long-term investment objectives of the non-profit.     


Who we Serve

Our services typically provide the greatest benefit to foundations and endowments with investment assets of $1M or more.