Our Value Add To You

Unless your company has dedicated employees with 401(k) expertise who focus solely on managing your employee retirement plan, you might consider hiring a fiduciary retirement plan advisor who specializes in 401(k) plans and is dedicated to helping you and your employees get the most out of their retirement plan.


Institutional class investment Options

How many funds are in your plan? Are there too many or not enough? Are the choices enough to create a balanced portfolio? Your plan should contain top performing, low cost, diversified investments representing all of the major asset classes.   

competitive, transparent fee structure

The fees for a retirement plan can be abundant and you want to work with an advisor who knows how to keep expenses low. You could be dealing with administration fees, recordkeeping fees, participant fees, custodial/trustee fees, fund investment management fees, fund 12b-1 fees, fund sales loads, fund redemption fees, asset management fees and many others. Give us the opporrtunity to explain all of these fees to you and how we can work together to minimize your fees while helping bring transparency to the process.   



flexible plan details

There are many different decisions you will need to make when implementing your plan and a good advisor will be able to assist you. When should employees be eligible? Are loans allowed? Should we include a Roth option? When can employees make allocation changes? What should the vesting schedule be? We'll work with you to understand these details before changing plans.  

thoughtful plan design

The plan design should be flexible but also allow the business owners to save as much as possible while remaining compliant. In some cases, a Safe Harbor Plan may be best for your company. In other situations, it may be more suitable to implement a Defined Benefit Plan. Your advisor should know which design is best for your specific situation.  


what we do 

As a Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we work exclusively for you – not financial institutions selling investment products.  We partner with best-in-class Third Party Administrators and Recordkeepers to ensure your company retirement plan remains compliant and up-to-date, while reducing fees and expenses.  

Who we Serve

Our services typically provide the greatest benefit to plans with 5-100 employees and $3 Million - $50 Million in assets.